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Office Fit Outs Torquay
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Having office partitions in your workplace can provide privacy for your employees and help keep noise to a minimum. They are also ideal if you are looking to give employees an individual working space or a formal meeting room, separated from your main offices.
Here at "Commercial Space Design" we offer a range of bespoke screening solutions ideally suited for business use including floor to ceiling partitions and glass partitions.

Floor to ceiling partitions can be used to break up a workspace and they can be rearranged, moved or completely removed without any problems which makes them highly suited to an expanding, changeable workplace.

Glass partitions are one of the most favoured office partitions on the market. Typically made from glass with an aluminium frame, glass partitions come in half or full height thickened glass panels and any vinyl can be applied to aid privacy. Partitions and screening can be supplied as part of an office refurbishment project or as a stand alone project, simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team to make an enquiry.

Office Fit Outs Torquay Installed as part of a refurbishment or single project
Office Fit Outs Torquay Divide spaces and create additional office space
Office Fit Outs Torquay Improve privacy and create formal meeting rooms

Take a look at the just a few of the services we have to offer:
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Looking for more information about office partitions? See here for further details and information about the uses of these wonderful products.
Office Partitions/Screens


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